Friday, November 20, 2015

Finally a real blog!

The second I found out I was pregnant I became super intrigued (borderline obsessed) with all things pregnancy. I wanted to know everything and do everything perfectly for this little human I was cooking up. As soon as I saw the slightest bump forming, I started recording my growing belly through photos. All you preggers and mamas know the ones I'm talking about; we stand in front of a mirror, turn to the side, one hand on belly and the other snapping then picture. We preggers love to document our buddha-licious bodies! The changes that take place are incredible! I knew that I wanted to nourish this baby with the healthiest foods and nutrients possible. I thought about the sayings, "you are what you eat" and " it's what's on the inside that counts" a lot when I was pregnant. What vitamins do I take? What should I eat? What should I not eat? Do I give into all the cravings? How much should I exercise? What exercise is healthy for baby? How do I prepare for childbirth? What products are safe for me to use? What will my birth plan say? What books should I read? I had so many questions and Google was my new best friend. I also have a friend who is an OBGYN who I may have bombarded with a few questions.  More on her later.bI needed to figure it all out but I only had 9 months to do it. So in the midst of constant googling and texting my doctor, nurse, and mommy friends, I started recording  what I ate, how I felt, my workouts, things I was reading, and products I was using on Instagram. I thought it would be a good idea to have a little online journal of pregnancy memories and thought maybe other preggers might find it interesting. I also thought it could be a great way try to meet and learn from other like-minded mamas. Thus, The Preggers Pantry Instagram came to fruition. It's only taken me 14 months to turn it into a blog, just in time to convince my husband to let me become a pregger again!

I have a few goals for writing this blog. I want to create a way for my child (and hopefully future children) to see how I felt, thought, ate, and looked during this sacred time of my life. I was one of those weirdos who was uber healthy and happy during pregnancy, and I loved every minute of it. I want to create a place where preggers and mamas can find healthy living tips and ideas and a space where first time preggers can find some guidance. I would like to use this blog as a creative outlet and a space to record my recipes, activities, and favorite things. I also want to meet and bring together like-minded mamas and create a community where everyone feels supported. I would also love to have a philanthropic aspect to this blog, in hopes for helping families, mamas, and babies in need. 

Spring 2014, pregnant with my son, Rio.

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