Friday, November 4, 2016

How I Prepared My Mind for Natural Childbirth

I knew I wanted to labor and deliver my baby naturally (unmedicated), so it was extremely important to me to be as mentally and emotionally prepared as possible. I wanted to learn about the birthing process as well as appropriate breathing and mind calming techniques. Throughout my pregnancies, yoga has been a huge benefit to me in this way (I spoke about prenatal yoga in my last blog post). I also read quite a few books and took a class to learn about and prepare for giving birth. I tried to journal once a week and I meditated as often as I could. (Finding time to meditate has been harder this pregnancy with a toddler, but even 5-10 minutes here and there is beneficial). I didn't have too many personal resources to guide me so I hired an amazing doula. She taught me so much and I'm forever grateful. Hiring her was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy with Rio and I will use her again during this birth. I took a class with my husband at Pregnancy Sanctuary in Encinitas called Birthing from Within. Even if you don't take the class, check out the book if you get a chance.

When I was pregnant with Rio, my favorite books were The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth and Journey Into Motherhood.  The Thinking Woman's guide was super informative and I would recommend to any mom, whether it's your first baby or you're a veteran mama. 
Journey Into Motherhood is a collection of inspirational natural birth stories as well as affirmations, secrets and techniques for easing birth. I loved the format of this book because I could read one short story a night before bed and I always went to be with positive thoughts!

Another motivational read is The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama. This book is just a page a day throughout your pregnancy, so anyone has time for it. A fun and inspiring read that helps you through your pregnancy. 
Hypnobirthing is an amazing book for anyone who is striving for a natural birth. I didn't take a hypnobirthing class, but reading the book and listening to the affirmations helped me 
so much!
Right now I'm reading Ina May's Guide To Childbirth. Very interesting and a great resource. 
Lastly, my husband read this during my first pregnancy and he recommends it to all first time dads. 

Hope this list helps! You got this mamas!!