Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2nd Annual Diaper Drive

This year I'm working with two of my favorite charities to help families and babies in need by holding a Diaper Drive. Last year was my first year doing this with Social Advocates for Youth San Diego and we collected almost 6,000 diapers, 3,000 baby wipes and 700 dollars. This year I'm also including another charity I love, Miracle Babies,  to try to gather preemie and newborn diapers for the families they support. My friends at Vuori in Encinitas are providing me space on Sunday, December 6 from 11-1. If you have time that day, bring over diapers and wipes to support families in need in our community.  If you can't come that day, contact me and I can tell you how you can help. I will be collecting starting today through December 14. If you aren't local and would like to donate, you can donate online at or mail donations to Miracle Babies 8745 Aero Drive Suite 111 San Diego, CA 92123. You can also deliver directly to this address.  

A little bit about the charities I love: 

Miracle Babies is a wonderful nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support and financial assistance to families with critically-ill newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and to enhance the well-being of women, children, and their families through education, prevention and medical care. 

SAY San Diego is another great nonprofit organization that strengthens the whole child, whole family and whole community. SAY was established in 1971 and serves more than 30,000 individuals, prenatal through adult, each year.

Why Diapers?

We all know diapers and baby wipes are not cheap. They are not funded by the government because they are considered hygiene items. Because of the cost, people often reuse diapers or leave their babies in them too long, which can cause diaper rash, infections, and other health problems (not to mention discomfort for baby)!! 

Many families have to use disposable versus cloth diapers because they often don't have access to washers or dryers, and most laundromats prohibit washing of cloth diapers for sanitary reasons. Also, the majority of daycares require disposable diapers. 

I'm so proud to be involved with two amazing organizations that give back to families all year round! Please contact me at if you would like to help!

 Last year's Diaper Drive was a huge success. Baby Rio made a guest appearance. 

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